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Canada Lights

Losing focus on business costs can easily occur for business owners and executives who are mired in the daily activities of managing a business. This can cause your business to lose its competitive edge and substantially reduce your bottom line profits. High and constantly increasing regulatory and energy costs are part of this problem, producing a profound negative impact on businesses within Ontario.

CUTTING COSTS: Canada Lights can immediately assist you with both problems by showing you how to cut electrical energy usage and costs. 

"Have You Seen The New Rates?"



  • NO COST Energy Consumption Report (Audit Report)

  • Competitive prices

  • Improved energy usage

  • Reduced operating costs

  • Increased productivity

  • Taking advantage of government Incentives - SaveonEnergy Program

  • Creating a brighter environment for both your Customers and your Employees

  • Environmental improvements ensuring reduced green house gas emission

  • Property value increases resulting in a higher financial equity for your business

We will supply you with: 

  • Premium Quality Lighting Equipment

  • Detailed analysis of your current usage and projected savings

  • Professional installation without business interruption

  • Superior post implementation service


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