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We deliver commercially viable lighting retrofit with a unique line of Induction and LED lighting solutions which improve the environment and save money. Businesses can expect unprecedented savings in their energy costs after conversion. Located in Richmond Hill, Ontario we are a Toronto Hydro listed Company. 
Canada Lights help reduce your maintenance costs too. Typically our lights last many times longer then traditional sources, you don't have to change them often.

That's especially important in outdoor or high-bay areas where special equipment such as cranes or lifts are required to reach fixtures. 

Induction technology light output of the energy saving fixtures burn bright white without going dim. Additionally the Induction lighting and fixtures can be used for buildings, arenas, warehouses, factories, gas stations, street or parking lot lighting, increasing night time visual acuity. LED bulbs, fixtures and arrays of other energy saving products are offered for many types of installations.


The savings are immediate, the paybacks are generally between one and three years, and in many cases, the quality of the lighting is noticeably improved. So there is no reason to wait! 
Canada lights is a Toronto Hydro qualified Applicant Representatives (AR) and we can show your business where to find the fastest savings and will complete the RETROFIT PROGRAM applications for you. 

The RETROFIT PROGRAM incentives cover upgrades to Lighting and controls up to 50% of Total Cost, as a lighting solution provider we will bring Efficiency Through Innovation.