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Give your Business a Bright, Energy-Efficient Future

Energy Efficient upgrades will go a long way toward reducing your electricity consumption and managing your monthly electricity costs.

We supply, install and recycle – Making it easy for you, as an accredited applicant representative for Toronto Hydro SaveonEnergy Program, we'll schedule an appointment to complete your lighting retrofit at your convenience by providing you with:

  • Licensed Electricians 

  • No-risk assessment 

  • Full service from installation to clean-up and proper recycling of materials

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You can save energy and enhance your business image by employing the latest energy-efficient lighting products without compromising on your lighting. 

  • Lower Energy Use – Induction and LED lighting can reduce lighting expense by as much as 80%

  • Better Working Environment – Effective and efficient lighting make work-spaces more pleasant and reduce eye strain

  • Lower Maintenance Costs – Both Induction and LED lights have much longer lifespans than traditional lights

  • Extend Equipment Life – Electrical load scheduling prevents damaging load spikes