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induction lights

The amazing technological breakthroughs and benefits incorporated into Induction Lighting are based on the well-known principles of induction and light generation via gas discharge.

Induction is a highly advanced form of lighting based on some of the principles of fluorescent lighting... energy transportation through magnetism.

Today's highly evolved Induction technology lamps are high frequency (HF) light sources. They follow the same basic principles of converting electrical power into visible radiation as conventional fluorescent lamps, but have advanced to a whole new level of performance and energy saving benefits.

The production of electrons from electrodes is due to thermionic emission. Now, with the tremendous advancements in Induction Lighting technology, an alternative current lp through the primary coil induces an alternative magnetic field in the ferrite core or coil. This alternative magnetic field in turn induces an alternative secondary current in the secondary coil or ring (Is). The efficiency of the lamp is proportional to the operating frequency of the driving alternative current.





  • Energy savings of up to 70%
  • Ultra-long operating life of up to 100 kw hours means NO frequent replacements are required, resulting in dramatic savings in material and labor costs
  • Environmentally friendly, using solid amalgam without mercury pollution
  • Easy-on-the-eyes, comfortable light emissions with no flash or glare
  • High power factor
  • Light output remains constant throughout an Induction lamp's lifetime
  • Instant-On: full light is instantly emitted without any wait for the preheating cycle required by many other lighting technologies
  • User-adjustable, color temperature control
  • Can be made to colorful versions for wider application

Extraordinary Induction Lighting Benefits: